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Frequently asked questions

The questions most often asked by our customers

  1. Why opt for a Boreal Products building?

    Our reconstituted and insulated solid wood buildings offer a quality far superior to the traditional wooden log construction. Our product's efficiency lies in the manufacturing technique that consists of two layers of reconstituted sawn timber separated by a layer of insulation. It's manufactured from kiln-dried and laminated wooden planks, which provides excellent structural stability.

    Our innovative bonding method, which consists of four 2’’x 10’’ planks that are pressed and glued together using a urethane-based adhesive, greatly contributes to reducing sagging, cracking and shearing in the wood. In addition, by inserting rigid insulation in the wooden log, we can surpass the insulation offered by traditional round logs. Boreal Products offers the choice of R-24.5 or R-30 insulation.

  2. Where are your sales offices located?

    Our main plant is located in Alma, but we have also have sales offices and cutting plants in many different regions. Visit the Contact Us page for more information on our locations.

  3. Can we use our own plans with Boreal Products?

    Yes, but it may result in additional costs and slightly longer manufacturing delays.

  4. Can I construct my own building?

    Yes, if you have previous experience in construction, you can construct your own building. Training is also offered at our plant where you can help in assembling a Boreal Products building. We offer informative training videos and a training manual for each step during the construction. Learn about the various assembly packages.
    The most popular formula is the shared package, which consists of delivering a self-help construction kit and providing a skilled workforce to help the client with building assembly.

  5. Where can I have my kit delivered?

    Our buildings can be delivered across Canada. Boreal Products have even delivered projects to China and France.

  6. How much time is required for building assembly?

    A general rule of thumb for a 24' x 24' building with a team of four people, 5 to 10 days are required to finish the floor, structure, walls, doors, windows and the roof. It's much quicker than a 2" x 6" lightweight frame construction because we prepare our kits at the plant beforehand. Once at the construction site, all that's left to do is the assembly! The measurements and complex cuts are already done by Boreal Products.

  7. Which wood types are used in the creation of your products?

    We mainly use white pine for our insulated walls that has been kiln-dried to a moisture level of between 6% and 10%. In addition, rigorous sorting is performed by our technicians during the lamination/rolling operation. We use spruce due to its structural properties for the structural elements.

  8. Which type of varnish or dyes do you use and how long will it last for?

    To protect the wood, we apply a Wood Plus brand tinted varnish that is guaranteed for 5 years. A stain application is recommended every 5 to 8 years to maintain the appearance of your home's exterior surfaces. Protection with an opaque finish can also be used, which can reduce maintenance intervals for 12 to 15 years.


  9. Is it mandatory to have a concrete foundation to place your buildings?

    Our buildings can be assembled on any foundation type.

  10. How is the electrical wiring installed?

    The electrical supply network must be designed to favour electrical outlets in the interior walls. Wiring is installed through the floor joists, according to a specific and well defined plan. The electrical wires are thus inserted into each row of Thermolog to reach their final destination. Refer to the "Electrical finishing" video.

  11. Is a crane required to assemble the building on site?

    No, the majority of Boreal Products's buildings can be assembled on the construction site.

  12. What are the maximum dimensions for your construction projects?

    The dimensions are only limited by your means and vision. Our team of designers can carry out all of your construction projects.

  13. How can I view your price list?

    Just contact us! The dwellings (cabins and homes) and commercial buildings from Boreal Products are offered at beneficial prices without affecting the product quality! Because we manufacture the Thermolog ourselves, no middlemen are required and therefore reduces the manufacturing costs of your dwellings and buildings!

  14. Which are the benefits of your insulated walls?

    The climate in Québec demands insulation without fail. Both winter and summer climate conditions are priority for ultimate comfort. Our reconstituted and insulated solid wood walls provide excellent insulation by design, in addition to seamless seals due to the deep grooves and application of urethane glue between each row.


  15. How much time is needed to reserve my order before it's delivered?

    Generally speaking, it's important to plan for a lead time of 6 to 10 weeks.