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Our products

Thermolog is an advantage in itself


The Thermolog is what sets Boreal Products ahead of the competition. This innovative material marries the charm and aesthetics of wood with the performance of insulation to provide optimal energy efficiency.  Our basic product provides an insulation rating of R-24.5 and R-30 for the premium version.

Benefits of the Thermolog


  1. Quality

    Superior assembly and machining quality for every piece of wood manufactured in our plant.

  2. Efficiency

    Decrease the construction time on-site by assembling the structure, the insulation, in addition to the interior and exterior finish in one step with Thermolog.

  3. Local product

    Support a Quebec-based company and workforce

  4. Energy efficiency

    Build a home with increased energetic efficiency for ultimate comfort.

  5. Environmentally friendly

    Insulation made from approximately 98% air and 2% plastic without any HCFC or HFC.

  6. Stability

    A manufacturing process that ensures product stability, which is made from reconstituted and insulated solid wood.

  7. Ecological

    We ensure that waste is reduced both in the plant and on the construction site.

  8. Charm

    Surround yourself with the aroma and heat of natural wood from the boreal forest.